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Sealcoating further extends pavement life and prevents water from entering and weakening pavement structure – Proven to yield significant cost savings!

Sealcoating is the simplest and most inexpensive form of pavement preventative maintenance treatment.  It’s like painting the road surface with a thin layer of liquid asphalt emulsion.  Sealcoat can assist to seal minor cracks, restore the flexibility, and rich black pavement surface color, and most importantly, protect the underlying pavement surface. 

Applying seal coat:

• Protects your pavement from UV rays, rain, and snow
• Increases aesthetics
• Ensures long life of pavement

Ideally, sealcoating is done a year after the asphalt has been
installed and every two to four years after that for maintenance.

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Fresh sealcoating protects your parking lot or driveway from the elements, erosion, and deterioration for improved strength and longevity.  It also restores that clean, jet black color that gives your pavement a like-new appearance.  Once you see your asphalt surface starting to “grey,” you know that the oxygen in the air is attacking your pavement.  As it fades to grey, your pavement becomes increasingly vulnerable to cracks and potholes that will lead to serious damage and deterioration.  Sealcoating, in combination with crack sealing and pothole patching, is part of a preventative maintenance plan to restore a smooth pavement surface with that original curb appeal while, most importantly, protecting against the elements that degrade the integrity of your asset.  DocAsphalt closely monitors your pavement asset on an annual basis once you become our client.

It is important to understand that while sealcoating works against oxidation and pavement aging, it is not a one stop replacement for proper pavement management.  Despite your asphalt being your second most valuable asset (aside from your building), it is often neglected or forgotten until it becomes a functional problem or legal liability.  The preventative cost to avoid a reactive approach that advanced deterioration causes can be an order of magnitude less than the cost of sealcoating after proper crack sealing and patching.  Unfortunately for the owner, some contractors will sealcoat right over cracks and potholes in your pavement delivering a short-term mask to a hidden structural problem – that will reappear in a significant way in no time.  Ignoring the foundational problems will lead to a condition that requires costly tear out and repave from scratch.   Call DocAsphalt today and we can get that deteriorating pavement back on a routine, lower cost, preventative maintenance schedule.  Once you become part of the DocAsphalt family, we will monitor your pavement asset on an annual basis so you never have to go back to a costly reactive solution again.

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