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Striping is an essential service that’s needed for parking lots of all sizes. Stenciling is also important to keep parking lots properly marked for safety and ADA standards.

DocAsphalt uses latex striping material on street pavements and parking lot areas. It is preferred because of its durability, strength, and reflective abilities at night. After striping, the pavement can be immediately opened for traffic.

Doc Asphalt paint striping services include:

  • New and existing parking stalls
  • Word/Number/Special Stenciling
  • Parking bumpers and speed bumps
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Renewing your paint striping has a multitude of benefits. Not only does the bright white and yellow reflective paint shine against the backdrop of the new-looking jet black sealcoat, but most importantly it allows your customers to navigate comfortably and safely around your property. Faded lines are known to reduce parking as the lack of parking stall definitions cause drivers to mistakenly take up multiple spots. Business owners know that customers consider the condition of the outside of their property as an indication of how the business is run on the inside of it. Don’t be a business that a new potential customer drives past because of a neglected parking lot. Sealcoating and parking lot line striping are a natural fit.

With constant exposure to the elements, lot lines, markers, stop bars, and other painted features will fade over time. It can cause backed-up traffic and even accidents on your property. So avoid these potential legal liabilities and renew your paint markings to improve your curb appeal DocAsphalt uses industry-standard striping paint to give you the maximum benefit at a most cost-effective price. Once you become a client of DocAsphalt, we monitor your pavement on an annual basis to make sure we maximize the life of your pavement, keep it safe, and save you money!

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